In the end, it's all about choices. The new alpha of Moonsong chose to kick me out of the Clan just as those leaders in Weirmonken chose to ignore what I had done to rebuild St. Arsbury.

Shane chose to continue to chase this business of Order, and no one heeded my words upon it in the past when he first showed up with the silver hand of his.

It is by chance that we met, by choice that we became friends and more. Today, the choice comes to leave without looking back.

Today, I went into the mansion, packed what I needed, and left with Kieran and Derrick. I left letters for two who might wish some explanation, one with a ring. I truly doubt either will care much.

And now I step out to do what I should have done long ago. Live for myself and my sons. Free of collars, marks or regrets. Am I angry? No. Oddly, I'm not.

Spring is the time for change, for renewal, for life. I look forwards to seeing where it takes me now, and what path I will find my feet on.
woman and moon

(no subject)

The entry is dated at the top, the entry's handwriting below fluid and neat, mostly.

I have to say, of all the Courts I have attended, last night's was the most.. unusual. Caine brought in a contract of alliance with some Unsleeping King that took the form of branded words written inside the flap of skin on a young boy. Poor thing was in so much pain.

Between I and one of Feldane's members, we kept the boy with us so Bleys could read the message before the injury was transferred to Caine himself. Surprised me that he took it on in the end. And so I took on yet another uncle as a patient at the end of Court.

The boy, I have learned, is from a Shadow somewhere's. I hope to help him find his family, if there is one out there wondering where he is. And if not... then... I promised to take care of him, and I will. I think I have Celeste's backing on that. Here's hoping that Shane and others will not gripe too much with this decision of mine.

And now, I have much to think upon, and to study. So many ideas now.. I need to figure them out, and move from there.
woman and moon 2

Time Passes

The entry is dated at the top, the entry's handwriting below fluid and neat, mostly.

My, have I ignored this journal in the months between the last entry, and this one. Chalk it up to being so busy.

St. Arsbury is revived. Hard did I work with that while being pregnant. I spent a little too much time in Weirmonken at times.

Benedict has turned over Regency to Bleys. I retain my position as both Royal Physician and Court Trump Artist. Both positions has kept me quite busy, especially with this war looming over our heads.

Mandrake House grows with new members seeming to arrive every week it seems. I fear we are running out of room for everyone. There are times I almost wish to have a house of my own, but at the same time, I do like the feeling of family around. And having handy babysitters just within shouting distance, is a good thing as well.

Yes, Keiran Andras is here, born upon a moonless night. He is growing bigger and bigger, already a few months old and keeping all of us on our toes with his shifting. One never knows when to expect to find a wolf pup instead of an infant. He fills my heart with love and happiness in ways I never understood before. My mother's actions make far more sense now than they could before.

Now to plan a time to drag my husband away for a small vacation in Shadow somewhere's. Before we grow too distant. I miss him, for if I am not busy, then he is, and we are like two ships passing in the night. This will be remedied. Soon.

Please let my worries disappear. Give me the strength and determination to do whatever needs to be done in the days ahead...
tan and blue dress

New Duties

The entry is dated at the top, the entry's handwriting below fluid and neat, mostly.

Life has been busy, now that the honeymoon is over with. Not that I am complaining too much, mind you.

I have been given the position as the Royal Physician by King Benedict, and it is a position that I am enjoying very much. Time is spent in the palace, the Mandrake suite becoming yet another home to me. Beyond seeking medical ills to tend, including being near for when Lady Beatrice delivers, I have also been offering my skills as a trump artist to the Royal family. I enjoy my work, and find it oddly relaxing.

Recently, upon uncovering paperwork for a deed within Weirmonken, Celeste asked me and Shane to travel there and check it out. The ruins of St. Arsbury was found within the forest, Niklas helping us clear out yet another creature that had tried to make the old cathedral it's home. Upon reporting to Celeste about the place, I have been tasked with recruiting workers to begin the clean-up of the old settlement in hopes of rebuilding it. Hopefully this time, the place will remain, and become home to many.

Busy have I been, as has my dear smith. Soon, I do think we shall have to steal away for a weekend together.. Or at least, end up in the same suite be it palace or mansion.
yellow dress

Marriage and Family

The entry is dated at the top, the entry's handwriting below fluid and neat, mostly.

I have a lot to thank Celeste and Flora for. The wedding was beautiful, and went off without a hitch. The reception was even attended by the King, who truly honored us with his presence there. I admit, it was a bit of a whirlwind, and I probably don't remember all who were there. I was a little distracted.

The honeymoon was a lot of fun. Celeste kept her promise and we were left alone to enjoy ourselves quite a bit without worries of home.

Upon returning, I did confront Grandfather, and in the end, came to some understanding. Now, I find myself with not only a Grandfather, but an uncle after going with him to look up a man suspected to be another of his sons. Once I thought of myself without family, and now I find myself with more family than I know what to do with. Strange how fate works.

Though, he did ask me a question I had no answer to: What name had we chosen for the child?
wolf and moon

Mated and Freedom

The entry is dated at the top, the entry's handwriting below fluid and neat, mostly.

No challengers stepped forth. Poor Shane was led a merry chase, catching me an hour before dawn. Worthy is he to keep this one as his. A day in the woods, and we returned to gather the congratulations of the Weir before heading back to Amber.

I have taken up residence in the Palace, and doing work there and in the hospital. Keeping busy. In the days ahead I will take a position here that will keep me entertained. I've been asked a few times here lately of my loyalty and to whom it belongs too. Amber. Mandrake.

I traveled to Weirmonken with the King who made a speech to the gathered Weir there. He gave Weirmonken it's freedom, and then named Nikolas it's leader. Makes me wonder where my father is, what he will think of this. Many seemed glad that he was no longer the Regent, or in the lead. Strange.
green eye

Weirmonken and Business

The entry is dated at the top, the entry's handwriting below fluid and neat, mostly.

I ended up being recalled to Amber. There was an earthquake that left them needing more trained hands in the hospital, not to mention, a possilbe new position for me to take up. Still waiting to see how that goes, and whether or not I will remain in the manor, or move into the Mandrake Suite within the Palace.

The family knows of the child I carry, and all seem to be quite happy about it. Quina, however, questioned if my taint might be something that would be passed on to my child. It is something that I do not believe will happen. It has not been shown to me, and it is something that was taken in, magical, by me.

Shane and I have traveled now to Weirmonken. We have spoken to my father. Shane has made his Claim, and we now have waited for the appropriate time to pass before the Hunt. The ritual will be tomorrow. I go shortly to sleep alone, and then be prepared to meet him before the Weir that will gather here in Misen to celebrate our Mating.

Interesting times ahead, that is for certain.
green eye


The entry is dated at the top, the entry's handwriting below fluid and neat, mostly.

Kitezh is... boring. To some degree. Waiting on people to get into place, for some artifact to be found, so that some guy of legend, can be defeated before he brings in the Road. In other words, lots of waiting.

The King is an interesting man, though he seems to be of the man that women should stay home and not be on the front line.

I have come to realize something while here. Life grows within me. I have spoken to Shane, and he seems surprised, and yet accepting. Once this business in Kitezh is done with, we'll likely head to Weirmonken to get the Claiming done. And from there, the wedding in Amber planned.

Interesting times ahead.

Now, if only things will pick up here so we can leave. I have yet to hear back on the Pathi business either.

yellow dress


The entry is dated at the top, the entry's handwriting below fluid and neat, mostly.

The trip to Weirmonken was interesting. Didn't do much but patrol, but at least we were there in case we were needed.

The smith and I took a side trip to my mother's cabin. It didn't look bad, though her garden looked horrible, overgrown and ignored. Made me quite sad to see it looking like that. It was mother's pride and joy, besides me, she so often said.

We went inside and looked around, and it was there that he asked me formally to be his wife. He's finally got his head straight. I was surprised, I will say that. The cabin experience it's first show of happiness, I think. Mother was never /truly/ happy there. I know she loved my father and often contemplated going against Eric's demands, but didn't in fear for me.

At any rate, I packed up some things before we left that I wanted to keep with Shane's help, and we took them back after stopping at one of the nearby cabins. I have known the family as long as I can remember, and their eldest son, Nicco, is looking to Claim a mate soon, and the two of them will take good care of the cabin.

Shane has agreed to make his claim formally in Weir tradition. As soon as we figure out when the wedding will be in Amber, we will head for Weirmonken, and see if he might speak with my father. To be a bug on the wall for that conversation..

On other topics...

I have perfected my art, and have mastered making Trumps. So far, I have done myself, the smith and our proxy. Soon, hopefully, I hope to get a few others done so that those of the House who might have need to contact others, will have the cards they need.

I got a note from the Duke while I was in Weirmonken, and when we returned, I had one waiting from his daughter. I went to the Pathi Embassy to speak with her, and find myself heading to Pathi as a doctor and healer. Should be interesting. I'm looknig forwards to it, especially since Aurora has also offered to help me learn more about the visions I have.

Marriages and Trips

The entry is dated at the top, the entry's handwriting below fluid and neat, mostly.

I don't understand these nobles, honestly. I go to the wedding of Prince Bleys and some Duchess Lilith, and all they did was sign some contract and say a few words. Of course, the smith looking good in his uniform, would be called off to tend to some business and left me with Einkil.

I didn't mind. Got in an interesting conversation with him. Very interesting. But that conversation was overshadowed when I ran into Celeste and Princess Fiona, Dominic's mother, in the parlor at the manor a few days later. Learned that negotiations are being made on a marriage between them. I had to ask her - What about Einkil? Oh, he can go and make his own marriage contract whenever he wishes. Said she and Dominic have this 'don't ask and don't tell' sort of arrangement as to lovers they might have. What the fuck?? Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything, but honestly... you don't lead a person on, keep them close.. hoard them... and yet want them 'happy'. They're only going to be happy if you face the facts, and let them go to /try/ and find that happiness.

Give me Weir traditions over this craziness that can only lead to heart- and headache, thankyouverymuch.

Beyond that.. life is getting interesting.

Command given and fulfilled. Dominance accepted.

Will the prophecy come true? Will the offering be accepted?

And now to head to Weirmonken. I go with the smith and some of the Mandrake military to help out there. At least this time, I go as the doctor with the group. Maybe I will actually learn something this time by being along... see if someone will actually talk to me about things.

Not that I have to worry about my father being trapped in that hellish plane any more.